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about Eva Marie Vargo and A-NAME-ation


I was born in Kassel, Germany in the city where the Brothers Grimm wrote their fairy tales. And, I like to think that their fairy tales have influenced my whimsical and artistic inspirations. My parents were Polish. They fought in the Warsaw Uprising and the Underground Resistance Movement in Poland during World War II. Both were captured by the Nazis. Dad, was an officer in the Polish Army and then a POW (Prisoner of War). My Mom, at age12, began working as forced labor for a German officer's family, and was part of the youth resistance network, identified as the Gray Ranks, Polish Scouts both boys and girls, helping where they could, covertly as couriers,and messengers, and any where else they could help without being in the line of fire.

My parents and I immigrated to the US in 1950. The oldest of four siblings, I attended parochial and private Catholic schools and was very active in the Polish Community in Chicago, especially in Polish Scouting (PYA-Polish Youth Association). At 14 I became one of the youngest leaders of a Polish "brownie" troop, and continued my work with the children for over six years– every Saturday and at camp during the summer. I am in touch with many of them to day. Shortly after receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois Chicago Circle, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in graphic design. and then started a family.

Beyond Vargo Marketing & Design, I'm also a painter and sculptor. My favorite moments are losing myself in a canvas never knowing what images will emerge. My contour line drawings manifest themselves in a similar fashion, as do my A-NAME-ation characters.

Why a-NAME-tion?

A friend of mine was adopting a little girl from a Viet Nam orphanage. After a long
and costly two-year struggle, with many delays and several trips to visit the little girl, Vyvy finally arrived. She was already walking and talking. And we celebrated with a
Baby Shower. I wanted to create something unique for little Vyvy. Something that she could relate to as a child - something that wouldn't get lost in a toy box- something
that would stand the test of time. Vyvy got very excited when she unwrapped the
picture with here mom. Surprisingly, she pointed to the letters one by one.
Her reaction became my inspiration and my incentive to make this type of
original art available to children of all ages.

“Art appreciation - food for the heart and soul at any age."



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